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Title: I didn't know!!
Paring: Nowaki & Hiroki
Rating: M for Mpreg, smut, language, and Hiro-san's "love" abuse xD
Disclamer: I do not own Junjou Romantica
A/N: Lol Prego Hiroki xD
Hiroki sighed as he walked down the hall of the school. Three weeks, to a month has went by that he and Nowaki found out of Hiroki's pregnantcy. Hiroki sighed and pulled out a candy bar and started to eat it. Normally eating healty but he felt like a candybar. Miyagi looked over confussed. Hiroki pouted.
"What..?" He asked.
"Nothing.. Just you never eat a candy bar.."
"I want to eat it DAMNIT!" Hiroki cursed. Miyagi rose a brow and shrugged it off.

"Huh..? Your lover's pregnant..?" One of the nurses asked. Nowaki nodded.
"And I don't even know how... It's odd..."
"Well, I say since it's in the first trimester get dishes and the raguler stuff. Like dishes and a crib." Another said. Nowaki nodded at what she said and smiled.
"I'll keep that in mind thank you."

(Wow with time skips I've been spamming them O.o)

"Hey Hiro-san." Nowaki started looking to his lover. His head in his lover's lap. Hiroki looked down letting him know he had his full attention, "Think we should start getting stuff?"
"Eh? What do you mean?" Hiroki asked. Nowaki smiled softly and nuzzled his lover's stomache gently, already feeling a bump starting to grow.
"You know, dishes, a highchair, a crib or bassanette, stuff like that." Nowaki said looking up. Hiroki was blushing as he watched his lover, sighing some.
"I don't know.. We got a while.."
"A while is a short amount of time.."
"Oh so true.." Hiroki sighed and watched his seme look at him with his grey-blue eyes. Staring down at him with the 'stop that now' look. Nowaki smiled happily and kissed his lover's tummy.
"I take that as a yes~"
"When is ANYTHING a yes?" Hiroki asked annoyed. Nowaki ignored him and just smiled happily. When it was the following morning Hiroki started to eat some gummies to lower the urge of vometing everywhere(my siter actually used them they work and don't effect the baby). When he finished his morning package he looked at himself in the full body mirror. Rubbing his stomach and feeling the small bulge. It didn't show what so ever, but you could feel it. He sighed and blushed. Remembering the previous nights converstation. When he looked over Nowaki was starting to wake up. He was than alurt seeing his lover up before him.
"H-Hiro-san! I thought you would still be asleep by now..!" Nowaki said surprised.
"Morning sickness.." Hiroki said blushing some, "Started to eat these gummies so I would actually get some sleep.." He sighed and smiled some to Nowaki. Giving him a morning kiss. Nowkai happily took it.
"Do you work today?" Hiroki asked, "It is the weekend."
"No.. Not till Sunday night. Why?" Nowaki asked. Hiroki blushed heavily.
"W-Well... I-I was wondering if... We could go baby shopping.." You could hear the shyness and slight regret of asking in Hiroki's voice. Nowaki smiled and hugged his lover.
"You're so cute~ And I would love to~" Nowaki said happily. Nowaki smacked his lover's arm again and walked out. Clearly embarrassed. Nowaki rubbed where he was hit.
"Is it me... Or is his hits getting harder..?" Nowaki asked himself confussed.

"How about this?" Hiroki asked looking at some bibs. Nowaki looked over from some bottles and smiled.
"Awe~ One says 'I love my mommy'~" Nowaki cooed and Hiroki blushed and put the bibs back and stormed off to the next area, but returned and grabbed the bibs and went back to the cribs. Nowaki laughed and followed. As the two looked a woman came over.
"Oh hello there~ Looking for something~?" The woman asked in a bit of a sickening sweet voice. Nowaki smiled happily back and Hiroki kinda ignored her. Reminding him of the collages cheerleaders.
"Yes actually. We're shopping for some unisex things." Nowaki said simply. The woman looked the two over. Than smiled.
"How odd, a couple a few hours ago said the same thing. Said they were expecting." She said and giggled. Which made Hiroki want to slap her silly. Stupid mood swings. That and he was starving, "So are you two adopting or shopping for someone else?"
"Actually..." Nowaki thought a momment and looked to Hiroki for approval to say so. Hiroki nodded some as he walked away to look at the boy cribs. Nowaki turned back to the woman, "Please take no offence or any disgust in what I'm to say but my lover is actually expecting." He waited for the female to cring or call him a lier. But instead he got a happy face.
"Really?! Because ironicly the couple I mentioned earlier were both men too~" She said happily. She than pointed to the other side of the nersury items, "Over there are themes. If you don't know the gender, boy or girl themes are really good to go by." She explained. Nowaki nodded and smiled.
"Thank you very much." He said and walked over to Hiroki, "Other side for unisex."
"Hey Nowaki.." Hiroki started, Nowaki looked over to him, "Let's not have a girl..." Nowaki laughed a little.
"Not our choice." Nowaki said.

Time skip... AGAIN! By two hours...
"PHEW!" Nowaki said and stood up. After moving things around and turning the old office area to a nursery was actually taking a lot longer than he thought. He and Hiroki were able to bring home a basanette, a crib for when the baby's about 4 to 8 months, a dresser, toys, dishes, and bottles, they were able to go with a nice learning theme(which Hiroki pretty much fell in love with). Hiroki was putting some books they also bought on the small bookshelf and he stood and stretched. Flashing a rare smile to Nowaki.
"The basanette all set up?"
"Yup~" Nowaki said happily. Looking it over. It was woodened and had light blue and light pink, white ribbons at the bottom, though it looked girlish it was unisexed so they got it. Inside it had a Winnie The Pooh bed set. Padding and little windmill as well. Hiroki smiled and without knowing he hugged Nowaki tightly. His way of saying thank you. Nowaki smiled and hugged his lover in return.
"You like it?"
"I love it.." Hiroki mumbled.
"Good.." Nowaki laughed. Looking around some, "We kinda need more decorations though.."
"I think it looks fine. The office was already the right color and same with the carpet. I think we jut need a changing table and a toy box." Hiroki said pointing to all the areas where things can go. Nowaki smiled and kissed his lover's head.
"You're gonna be a great mother.."
"Why did you call me a 'mother'...?"
"Well you are bearing our child.." Nowaki said carefully. Hiroki sighed and nodded.
"I'm tired.."
"It's twelve in the afternoon..."
"I'M TIRED GOD DAMMIT!!" Nowaki watched and smiled.
"Of course, Hiro-san~" After an hour nap and more moving stuff around they finally settled down after eating dinner and the two future parents laid in the soft, warm, and welcoming bed. Hiroki drew little circles on Nowaki's chest as he tought. The seme noticed and smiled softly.
"What is it Hiro-san?" Nowaki's voice caught the light caramel eyes of his lover. He than looked away blushing.
"J-Just thinking of some names is all... One that came to mind was Kuroda.."
"Kuroda? Doesn't that mean 'black fields'?" Nowaki asked. Hiroki nodded.
"Yeah but it's a good name.. that or 'Asuka' meaning 'fragrance of the bright day'." Hiroki said shyly. Nowaki pondered the names a momment. Than smiled.
"How about Kuroda for boy, and Asuka for girl?" Nowaki asked. The prego nodded.
"Than who's sername?"
"Mine oviously." Nowaki said simply. Hiroki took no offence, it was true and he was tired, He than sighed and looked back to his lover a momment.
"I'm hungry..."
Title: I didn't know!!
Paring: Nowaki & Hiroki
Rating: M for Mpreg, smut, language, and Hiro-san's "love" abuse xD
Disclamer: I do not own Junjou Romantica
A/N: Lol Prego Hiroki xD
Babies babies babies xD Lol I didn't expect this to be populer. THANK you all!

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K. Nowaki & K. Hiroki Shungiku Nakamura
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